Wednesday 12th February, 7:15pm

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Caradoc Evans

Caradoc Evans was famously described as 'the best hated man in Wales'. This was because of his incessant attack on what he believed to be the hypocrisy of the nonconformist churches. He was thoroughly Welsh, and was a skilful writer, who was able to make Mrs. Lloyd George cry when she saw his play 'Taffy'! His writing was often bitter, but he remains an important literary figure. And this despite the fact that he does not merit an entry in 'The Oxford Companion to the Literature of Wales'; a lasting testament. I shall try to explain something about the life and work of this strange man.

Teddy Thomas

Idris Davies

I hope to give a very brief account of the life of the poet Idris Davies; then say something about his poetry , especially evaluating his work in the context of period and place (the Rhymney area) and in the context of his beliefs and personality .But most importantly I hope to read a selection of his poems; and finally give some idea of his standing today.

Howell Price